Monday, October 03, 2016


Podcast of the week; The history of the papacy podcast is starting a "sidetrack" series on the Apocolypse and the many apocolyptic literature that were around at the time.


they also link to other podcasts that I haven't listened to about history in the bible (not history of the bible).

It's quite startling to read about Alexander the Great and the Romans in the Macabees, or run across a sarcastic message from the Lord in one of the prophet's tirades saying that he had settled the Kaphti in Palestine so don't get a big head that he settled them too...

huh? Kapthi is Cyprus according to historians, and modern archeology suggests that the Philistines were Mycenean influenced folks, and the Egyptian literature suggests Ramses III defeated them as part of the sea peoples and settled them there. This brings up the problem of the Bronze age collapse...

usually history podcasts are kings and battles, but I am finding it fascinating to find history in other related podcasts and lecture.

a good example: The Maritime History Podcast.

For example, I downloaded one of a series of university lectures about pig domestication brings up that pigs traveled all over the place and interbred with local pigs...but not all their travel were from invasions... and that the same genetic mixing went on with most things, from plants to humans.

Which is why you might be part Neanderthal...

So trade was going on and has a separate history

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