Tuesday, October 25, 2016

the big lie

strategyPage has a long essay on the history of the big lie, and how it was made into a fine art by the Soviets.

Yes, but the good news is that although the lie can still be spread, the internet has alternative sources of information.

for example, a lot of the anti Catholic lies spread in the past to support Elizabeth I against others who had a stronger claim to her throne are still believed by the clueless: one of these days they'll notice Elizabeth ran a state of terror that was a lot worse than Bloody Mary, or that the many massacres/starvation/lack of basic civil rights/deportation of minor criminals into slavery in the colonies of the Irish could be done with impunity because years of Anti Catholic/Anti Irish propaganda made much of the public see the Irish as subhuman.

but hey, haters gotta hate, and in this election year, they are all in full swing again.

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