Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Yes, there are good stories out there

GetReligion, which usually publishes stories about how the press just doesn't know much about religion (i.e. they don't "get religion" as the saying goes), has two nice stories for you to read.

The first is from the LATimes about nuns who are dedicated to caring for the dying. Yes, the modern hospice movement started with Dr Cecily Saunders, a pious Anglican, but nuns who cared for people in homes have been doing this for quite awhile.

 the priests or Eucharistic ministers came weekly to give the sacraments. It was a comfort.

And often clergy praying with our patients lead to their dying comfortably in peace.

the scond story is from a Knoxville paper about a motorcyclist who was thrown into the brush in an accident and who two days later was found when someone just happened to stop at that place to get a drink of water.


Ah, but in God's world there is no such thing as "coincidences"...

Father Z reminds us that it is St Crispin's day, and relates the legend.

so why care about Shakespeare?

from the film Renaissance Man. a 1994 comedy about a teacher trying to teach literature to clueless recruits in the intellectually shallow days of Clinton I....

The reason for classics is that they teach lessons that are timeless, unlike the popular stuff which is out of date in a decade or two...

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