Wednesday, November 09, 2016

African Proverb: Even a small snake has a tooth

the proverb is cited when a strong and powerful person abuses a smaller and weaker one.... meaning that even though you think they can't stop you, that even the smallest person will eventually say no and push back against a bully...

It's Brexit, it's Trump, and it's all of us who are sick and tired of being pawns of the elites who think they have the right to rule us and tell us what to do..

But sometimes people see a chance and push back...

In the Philippines, when Santiago was too sick to be president, the "American girl" was supposed to win over Baby Marcos. Then Duterte joined the fight and every small business and taxi driver went around with a Duterte sticker.

But polls that only listened to the "social networks" didn't pick up the grass roots opinions.

In the USA, it was worse, because a lot of us (even those of us who hated Trump per se as a man) felt too intimidated by the SJW and two minute hates on Facebook to say our opinion out loud. (that Trump was a very naughty man, but some of Hillary's platform would lead to religious persecution).

Hence the inaccurate polls.


Heh. Left out of the film: Duterte, the anti establishment candidate hated by the globalists.

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