Thursday, November 24, 2016

Concrete stops global warming?

From ABC news (Aus): Concrete products reabsorb half of CO2 produced during it's manufacture

as cement ages and weathers over time, it also absorbs carbon dioxide in a process called carbonation.

absorbs 43 % of the carbon produced when making it.

but deep inside the article comes this factoid

 What is more, this rate of absorption may actually be increasing, as an unexpected side-effect of the construction boom in nations such as China.

why? Because buildings in China don't last as long as they do in the west: The average life span is 30 years, then they are torn down and become cement chips which absorb even more CO2 and this was not in their calculations.

But the back story of that is this dirty little secret: Shoddy construction.

That is one problem with China: Quality control.

Donald Trump take note.

I would suggest moving manufacturing to the Philippines, but unless you have strict control you could run into the same problem.

in a related story, they claim CO2 admissions have remained flat for the last 3 years, 

this is because China is using less coal for energy.

and the world wide recession helps too, but never mind.

Mr Peters said it was unclear whether the Chinese slowdown was due to a restructuring of the Chinese economy or a sign of economic instability.
yes. The greens are happy, so never mind if a lot of Chinese become poorer and unhappier.

Their aim is to put us all back in the good old days. Plowing the fields with a water buffalo using flooding to kill weeds instead of chemicals. Just ignore the methane from flooding fields and the methane in water buffalo farts.

or maybe their aim is even more drastic:

Other researchers not affiliated with the study stressed that it was not enough for global emissions to stabilise, saying they needed to drop toward zero for the world to meet the goals of the Paris deal.

Translation: It's not enough to make everyone poor, just arrange a lot less people to be born.

UhOH: Mauder Minimum is coming.... 

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