Friday, November 04, 2016

It could be worse

Librivox's audiobook of the day is a report about the chaos and famine that occurred when the Austria-Hungary empire fell apart after World War I.

It Might Happen to You.

This is a frank eyewitness description of the suffering, starvation in particular, that was widely experienced in Central and Eastern Europe in the aftermath of "The Great War". “It is not stating matters too strongly to say that…peace had caused at least as much misery as the four years’ fury of embattled armies.” It is a powerful political and anti-war statement with scant mention of any battle. – Lee Smalley

well, it might be propaganda, but one of my aunts was a child during these starving times and claims they ate tree bark.

But like the horror stories in the aftermath of WWII (refugees sent back to Russia where they would be killed, or the millions of Germans forcibly removed from their Prussian homes) it is nice to remember that wars result in refugees, and next time it could be you.

This does not mean I think it's okay to just let anyone in: Many "refugees" in Europe are not from Syria etc: They are looking for jobs, and some need to be screened and sent home, and some jihadis are hiding among them, and unlike the Nazis who hid with refugees and settled down to live peaceably, one worries these professional jihadis are doing so to cause problems.

yet even then, importing thousands of men without women is not a good idea.

One of the reasons that the left here doesn't want the US military is that it entices many girls into prostitution; these girls often are from very poor families, and the money supports their families, and many have the "pretty woman" dream, that they will find a serviceman who will marry her.

as for the US: despite the drug wars in Mexico, economically things are improving, so most of the refugees coming in now are from Central America, and although many of them are also young men looking for jobs, it also includes families fleeing gang violence and poverty. So are they "economic" or "war" refugees?

My oldest son's ESL class 20 years ago included many such 20 year old in his 8th grade class, but as far as I know, hey, they just wanted a job when they learned English.

yes, I am aware of the problem that immigrants take jobs from "americans", but excuse me: My (Colombiano) sons had no problem finding jobs in Appalachea where unemployment was over 10 percent.

many of those bringing in the harvest or working at food processing plants used to be illegals: we'd get tips "la migra" would come and no one would show up: even those with US citizenship would stay home because of the hassle.

The back story of all those Somali immigrants working in meat packing plants in the mid west is because of laws punishing employers who hire illegals: so they hire Somalis, who are willing to move to these small towns and work for a living...

and one only has to go to FreeRepublic to see that many "good old boys" are anti Islam, and know nothing about that religion (except the jihadi part.)

Oh well: Catholics still have to put up with that type of clueless bigotry: and not just on FR: look at the guy who emailed Podesta about the church.

and all the Catholic churches in the midwest seem to have a Spanish language mass.

The midwest is usually seen as white bread bible belt territory, but go to the local Catholic church and you find many Latin Americans, Amer-Indians, Vietnamese, and Filipinos there.

The problem is integration: It will take a generation or two to integrate, and intermarry. In the meanwhile, American culture will imbibe more Latino values (i.e. extended families are important) and they will imbibe more American values (you don't bribe the cops).

Trump is anti immigration and doesn't see any of this, but on the other hand, he is a pragmatist and might figure out how to work things out ("only Nixon can go to China").

So do I vote for a bigot who is not qualified, or a criminal? One is reminded of the Louisiana governor race where people were urged: Vote for the criminal not the racist. But Hillary is a real and present danger to people of religion (not just Christians: anyone notice that Obama's bathroom policies make it hard for Muslim women?).

The trick is not that someone is unqualified, but if he or she can find competent people to do the job, and that is a skill that Trump actually has.

And what do you mean as "qualified"? President Obama did okay and he wasn't qualified... he was a senator, and the presidency requires executive experience...

so things could be worse. All those pundits who write so hopefully that Hillary will win and the Trumpettes will start a civil war.

Not gonna happen.

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