Monday, November 07, 2016

Looking for a home

Writer Brian Sibley notes on his blog that BBC4 will be broadcasting their version of Watership Down. 

Richard Adams' award-winning novel from 1972. Fearful that their home in Sandleford Warren is to be destroyed, a band of rabbits begins an epic and perilous journey to Watership Down. 

You can listen on line for a short time or go to the link and download as a podcast for 14 days.

The book is not the same as the movie....
and Netflix has plans to broadcast a new version.
Several versions are on Youtube, including a chapter by chapter audiobook (I guess the copyright cops found the full audiobook there and removed it)

and the Tolkien professor had a series of podcasts discussing the book

why the sudden interest in the book? Uh, the recent influx of refugees maybe?

Forced out of their homes by evil men, they try to find a new home to live in in peace.

Related item for preppers: Librivox has a book by a gentil English lady who tried to rough it in the Ontario bush in the 1800's...


Book here.
dandilion coffee, eating squirrel and working in the fields.

You know, watching Poldark there was a scene where they interrupted Demelza and Prudie making rushlights in the kitchen. But they don't use rushlights as lighting in the TV series...

It was in the book, not in detail, too, but I wonder how many modern folks are familiar with this way of using left over fat and rushes in place of the more expensive candles? LINK

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