Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pizza gate: The latest conspiracy theory

if you liked the hysteria about spirit cooking, you will love Pizza gate. (No, I won't link to these crazy sites).

But then: how did Martha Peterson, who was investigating pedophilia in Haiti, die?

Snopes discusses here.

the problem is that people who embarrass the rich and powerful are easily killed in places like the Philippines, (or Haiti) as the witnesses against big shots involved in the drug trade here have sadly found out.

One doesn't have to think this is Arkancide to wonder whose toes she stepped on.

even in the UK the conspiracy types are raising questions on the murder of Jill Dando

the Peter Scully case here was probably the tip of the iceberg of pedophile tourism and children abused and filmed for the pleasure of evil people who surf the dark net for such things...2014  story of a ring of cybersex criminals here
 and another story HERE.

this Japanese man (2016), with links to a pedophile ring, committed suicide while in custody.

Kimura has been under surveillance for allegedly trafficking children via the Internet. Four children were rescued in the operation.
According to Janet Francisco, chief of the NBI Anti-Human Trafficking Division, the 55-year-old suspect allegedly abuses the child-victims before selling them for $100 each to pedophiles through the Internet. NBI agents claimed they recovered the $400 marked money from Kimura's pocket. An FBI undercover agent used the currency notes to bait Kimura. -
see more at:

this criminal was offed by locals, figuring they wouldn't be prosecuted under Duterte.

and this conspiracy theory investigator "committed suicide" while investigating pedophilia in Poland.

a lot of the libertarians think prostitution is okay if it is consensual, ignoring that many lived in extreme poverty and that many of these women (and boys) were tricked into traveling to work at jobs and then they then find prostitution or giving sexual favors to the males in the family is required of them...

but only psychiatrists would defend the sexual abuse of children...

the latest meme: A disorder, not a crime. tranlation: They can't help themselves, they were born that way.

the problem is not that this is not a mental disorder, but the worry that by calling it so (as was done in the DSM V), it will let them get off the hook for their behavior.

which is why they had to change the definition carefully to "interest" (which might be inborn) and not behavior (which is criminal).

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