Monday, November 14, 2016

Stories below the fold

Questions no one is asking: Will the fact that China is buying Hollywood mean that films no longer will assume businessmen are evil? Remember: Capitalism in China lifted millions of people out of poverty...

Well, there was some Chinese money behind the comedy Nine Lives, and the Trump like businessman was portrayed as sympathetic, even if he did need some reminder to pay attention to his family....

on the other hand, films like Avatar are frowned on in China, since they encourage rebellion against the more corrupt business/government complex that steals land/resources from the powerless and ignores the desires of the little people.


The Millenials are often ridiculed as being children having tantrums and bullying those who upset their tender feelings, but VirtueOnLine has an article from a college professor saying that that ignores the 90+% who don't match that picture.

Well, I have had to put up with 50 years of being linked with the flower children of the baby boom age, and it wasn't true for us either.


Instapundit links to Dilbert's post on "cognitive dissonance": when reality disagrees with your beliefs, ignore reality (so you can continue to think you are oh so intelligent).


Dustbury notes the problem of Bernieites trying to vote in Oklahoma:

The #NeverTrump hashtag bunch perhaps saw that it had no place to go; independent Evan McMullin wasn’t on the ballot and couldn’t be put there. (We have no provision for write-ins.)

Yup. Been there, done that (not).


Catholic archbishop calms his panicky flock that they all won't be rounded up and deported, and tells them that "We are better than this".

Presumably by "We" he means the USA won't deport them en mass, because the dirty little secret is that Mexico does this.. and worse.

But then comes this WTF quote:
More than 2 million people have been deported in the last eight years. Nobody seems to care.
Of course not: Obama was president.

The good news is now, with an anti immigrant Republican as president, we will again learn about such things.

As for immigration: Remember: as Spock reminded Kirk: Only Nixon could go to was Reagan who arranged the last amnesty for the undocumented.


Instapundit links to article wondering why President Obama doesn't try to calm down the protests.

Are the protests against Trump astroturfed? It would help if the MSM would bother to google some names and find they are professional activists whose connections were "outed" by Wikileaks.

Here in the Philippines, one gets the idea that these demonstrations are massive, because hey, you can get on TV by burning and breaking windows/vandalizing shops (often owned by Asian American immigrants but never mind)..this make it look like a big splash on TV and CNN...but the few articles I have seen note the numbers are in the low thousands, if not less... and most of the demonstrators look like white Yutes... except in NYC where the more peaceful demonstrations are by feminists and aging hippies.

Compare and contrast to Korea. where the lowest estimate is a quarter million protesting.


UhOH: Supermoon rising. Moon will be closer to earth than any time since 1948, and it will look YUGE.

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