Thursday, November 03, 2016

Stories below the fold

WaPost actually reports what Trump says in a speech.

One detail here:

Pennsylvania has lost almost 40 percent of its manufacturing jobs since NAFTA — a deal signed by Bill Clinton and supported by Hillary Clinton. The City of Philadelphia has lost more than one-third of its manufacturing jobs since China joined the World Trade Organization — another Bill and Hillary-backed disaster. A Trump administration will renegotiate NAFTA … and stand up to foreign product dumping, currency manipulation and unfair subsidy behavior.

that last part calls out China, whose dumping and currency manipulation has hurt a lot of other countries by undermining local industry, including the Philippines and in Africa, because they can't compete with the low priced goods dumped on the market.

but don't worry, the article assures you, a lot of folks have already voted and he is way behind in the polls.

Getreligion links to an article about Canadian "Chinese evangelicals" who support Trump

 Some Chinese evangelicals in Canada are supporting Trump to “ensure the stability of global markets through authoritarian law-and-order regimes,” says Tse...

yup. they want a dictator next door... or do they?  Stability (in US terms, law and order) is a Confucian value. Remember, in US race wars, Asian businesses, both East Asian and South Asian shops in the ghettos are often the target...

So why don't they support Hillary and the status quo? That is not answered...

Or are they taking orders from the gov't of the "old country"?

The war no one wants to discuss:

3 million dead and counting, and another war in the making.... can 18,000 UN peacekeepers keep the peace?


related item: Professor Podles (cited in an earlier post for his book about the demasculization trends in many mainline Christian churches) points out some masculine hymns with military analogies,

Rise Up O Men of God. This was written in 1911 by the Presbyterian pastor William P. Merrill (1867-1954) to support the men’s movement in the church, in which men were called to take up the work of reforming society on Christian principles...
Some object to the masculine emphasis and seemingly belligerent tone of the hymn, others detect the odor of optimistic liberal Protestantism, and Calvinists think it should be rewritten as “Sit down O men of God, You cannot do a thing.” Merrill was a pacifist and president of the Church Peace Union, and echoes the message of the first hymn, The Son of God Goes Forth to War. We “tread where His feet have trod” by climbing Mount Calvary; not by killing, but by sacrificing ourselves even for those who would kill us.

yes, but as in the Congo, sometimes a couple of good guys with a gun defending poor villagers against monstrous gangs, militant groups and government soldiers out of control might help too....

been there, done that, ah but that's another story.

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