Sunday, November 20, 2016

Who ya calling "white", gringo?

Phillip Jenkins, who frequently writes on the ignored memes about Christian history, has an article which points out the "truth" of being "white" and the gleeful claim by the media that "whites" will soon be a minority in the USA.

what do we mean by “white”? Historically, the category of “whiteness” has been very flexible, gradually extending over various groups not originally included in that constituency.
In the mid-19th century, the Irish were assuredly not white, but then they became so. And then the same fate eventually befell Poles and Italians, and then Jews.
A great many U.S. Latinos today certainly think of themselves as white. Ask most Cubans, or Argentines, or Puerto Ricans, and a lot of Mexicans. Any discussion of “whiteness” at different points in U.S. history has to take account of those labels and definitions.
Nor are Latinos alone in this regard. In recent controversies over diversity in Silicon Valley, complaints about workplaces that are overwhelmingly “white” were actually focused on targets where a quarter or more are of Asian origin.

and then he brings up intermarriage.

Been there, done that.

as for "christians", he notes: most of the immigrants since 1965 were Christians, not just the Latinos, but most of the Arabs, Asians and Africans.



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