Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Witch trials and Pizza Gate

Scott Adams discusses the problem of "evidence" in Pizzagate.
A lot of "evidence" is not reality. And he explains why.

 My point is that what you see as a mountain of evidence that can’t be wrong, I see as something that is far more likely to be confirmation bias...
 allegations are supported by a mountain of evidence. But if you look at each piece of evidence in isolation, none are individually persuasive.
In computerese, this is called GIGO. Garbage in, garbage out.

You cherry pick observations and opinions to justify your pre existing beliefs and go on from there.

Although as a doc I have treated children abused, both physically and sexually, I don't feel the conspiracy of Pizzagate is real. It's too convoluted and complicated to make sense.

Pedophiles don't need complicated conspiracies to find kids. They abuse their own kids, their relatives' kids, the kids down the street, kids they met on the internet, or kids in their care (as in teachers, baby sitters, priests, social workers, doctors). And it is a dirty little secret that street kids and runaways are there to be exploited, even in rich USA.

Once the hysteria gets going, however, you can get problems with false memory or exaggerated memory and all sorts of stuff.

One of the good side effects of the CSI series (the older shows are on our TV) is how they use evidence, not stories, to figure out what really went on.

My take is that this could just be a pizza parlor where gays cruise, complete with humorous gay theme photos. Well that is legal, but don't expect me to order pepperoni on my pizza there.

If you really want to be worried, check out stuff that is out there, especially on the dark web.

But heck: You don't need the dark web and Tor: Just check out HBO.

My opinion is that R rated snuff films and the Grey series of mother-porn is actually a mainstream variation of this evil: And the fact that society accepts these as main stream entertainment suggests there is a bigger problem in the USA: And remember, these things are now broadcast all over the world as "entertainment".

 but then, once in awhile fantasy morphs into reality... for every 1000 Anthony Weiner, or for every thousand "job recruiter" for maids in the Philippines there exists one guy who actually is doing these things to abuse a victim or to force them into prostitution...., and kids are vulnerable because they don't recognize that monsters do exist.


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