Thursday, December 15, 2016

Behold the power of Drudge


the stranglehold on the news ended with the blue dress.

I'm old enough to remember when the power difference between employer and employee (or doctor/ patient or pastor/altarboy) not just illegal but morally wrong, and those who did such things were shunned. The idea not to abuse or sleep with those under your power goes back to Hippocrates (the Hippocratic oath includes a part not to sleep with patients, their families, or "their slaves").

But of course, the Clinton impeachment was not about having an affair, but about covering up a relationship with an employee, which was illegal, and the fact he lied under oath that he never did such thing, so that a lawsuit where he ordered a state employee to give him sex would be thrown out of court.

and Hillary claimed it was the Vast Right Wing conspiracy, sort of like the "fake news" and "the Russians put those fake emails on Anthony Weiner's computer" lies we are hearing about now.

they can blame the alt/r or the Russians or whoever, but maybe the Weiner emails were the last straw.

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