Saturday, December 17, 2016

Dilbert on ISIS

Dilbert has an article on how to stop ISIS.

I called my idea for a persuasion play against ISIS a “filter fence.” Trump calls his persuasion play “safe zones.” Same thing. The reason you don’t recognize Trump’s plan as persuasion is that he’s disguised it as humanitarian assistance to the innocent. That’s how you start.

But once the safe zones are up and running, the persuasion begins. Safe zones would be a big deal to the psychology of the region. It would give hope to the innocent. It would give ISIS a new thing to worry about. It would be large and physical and influence lots of things around it. But most of all – and this is the important part – it creates a mental categorization that has in one bucket the people who are in the safe zone and in the other bucket the people who are not. And the people inside will probably mostly be women and children – also known as the future of ISIS.

he has more on this type of strategy HERE. on how to build a war and win the war.

 read the whole thing.

 some of this is familiar and resembles how SriLanka overcame the Tamil rebels. by sticking all the Tamils they could find in concentration camps and killing or jailing all those suspected of being fighters. And they threw out the "human rights" groups who reported atrocities, both real (often payback) and made up so they could kill without the world hyperventillating about killing known terrorists innocent civilians.

The US, of course, will not be able to do this, but hey, Putin can, as can the other more ruthless folks in the area.

but if you really want to worry, shudder when you read this prediction:

Another key part of my prediction is that the Caliphate will start to weaponize hobby-sized drones for attacks all over the world. When that nightmare starts – and you know it will – expect to never hear another press report from the Caliphate, because that’s when the depopulating will begin.

nah, we won't be at risk (why buy an expensive drone when a bomb placed in a mall or palenke is cheap an easy).

But since Duterte has escalated the war against the ISIS surrogates in the south, that means one hopes the US Embassy has sharpshooters to watch out for drones.

Drones, they aren't just for Amazon anymore.

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