Sunday, December 18, 2016

Environmental hormones and transgenderism

Drudge says Nat Geo has a cover photo and article on transexualism.

The latest fad, being pushed to eliminate the cultural differences between men and women (never mind the biological differences are real).

But what is not being discussed:

Is there an environmental cause behind all this sudden discovery of transsexuals?



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like the obesity epidemic there might be a biochemical toxin behind the problem.

update: This study say no...

But they also note they haven't done brain structure evaluation, and this suggests there is an agenda behind their reserach:

But searching for a biological explanation of gender identity shouldn't imply that being transgender is something that needs to be corrected. "The idea that being transgender is a 'disorder' of any kind invalidates a specific human experience that has existed since the beginning of human experience," Olson added.
uh, based on what data? Many cultures report gay and transgender people at a very low percentage of the population, so that is true. But are we just "noticing" so many cases, or is there an actual increase? Statistics please.

of course, we see these ladies here in the provinces of the Philippines, and have no problem with them.

The real question is if it is becoming more common, or a variation of OCD,  just another way for teens (and men in midlife crisis) to get control of the chaos in their lives, in the same way teenaged girls become anorexic.

yes, I know: Simplistic answers to complex problems, but if chemical pollution is part of the problem, one worries about it also causing a drop of fertility...

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