Friday, December 02, 2016

Family News and what I am reading

Ruby is back from Japan, but stayed in Manila for a meeting at her home school magnet, and her father will pick her up later today.

Joy should be back this weekend.

Since Joy has my tablet, I'm busy reading from the stash of books I brought with me. I'm on book two of Delderfields'  God is an Englishman series (about a veteran who starts a package carrier system in the 1800's). I only have two of the series here, but the series and the later books are on Scribd for when I get my tablet back.

Yes I can read on my laptop, but it's hard to do for longer books and articles.

in the meanwhile, for those of you who know her via late night posts at Instapundit, I found one of Sarah Hoyt's books for free download at Baen.

I have read one of her Sci fi/fantasy books ( via Scribd).

Baen has a lot of sci fi books, some free and the rest ebook for download at a low price, including Flint's alternative history series and a few by John Ringo.

And a lot of classic SciFi can be downloaded at Librivox and other books by classic Sci fi writers like Heinlein and Asimov can be found on and off on Youtube.

there are a lot of audiobooks, both classic and new (until the copy right cops take them off) on Youtube; alas, a lot of those aimed at female readers are mush: their lives revolve around the bedroom. No kids, no family, no important job, no helping people around them, no poverty, and of course except for Bridget Jones none of them seem to have a weight problem or be a klutz.

I'd add "a klutz like Stephanie Plum" but the copyright cops took all her books off of Youtube. Luckily, I downloaded them way back when, and I have the series up to number 16 with me, thanks to the used book kiosks here.

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