Saturday, December 17, 2016

Hackers? We haz that

CNN here is getting hysterical about the "Russians" hacking Hillary's unsecured bathroom server and emails, and releasing them to embarass her.

Assange and others with Wikileaks said,, au contraire, it was a whistleblower in theDNC who did this, because he/she was disgusted with the dirty tricks that they were doing. Deep Throat redux? Uh Oh.

Heh. I'm old enough to remember when "Deep Throat" did this to show Nixon's dirty tricks, and became a hero. But Nixon was evil, of course, whereas Hillary had a vagina and is above reproach.

On the other hand, the government has been hacked so many times its almost a weekly backpage story.

Did I mention that my Federal personnel file was stolen? Presumably by Chinese hackers.

My favorite hack was the teenager who hacked into the email of the head of the CIA.

As the saying goes: Houston, we haz a problem here. And it's not the Russians, who after all are not the only ones hacking government related computers (NSA anyone?)

But the headlines keep repeating "hack the election" to describe this. NO, hacking the election is hacking voting machines on line. As far as I know, this was not done, and Jill had them hand count the paper ballots to prove it didn't elect Trump, albeit so far no one checked if the dead were denied their vote in Chicago.

A more correct news story would be that there was a release of the DNC's dirty tricks via a whistleblower. You can fill in the blanks if the dirty tricks were found by a disgruntled employee, a Russian spy, an idle teenagers, or anti war Wikileaks


Canadian David Warren muses about education, Boloney and Bologna's medieval law school graduates who ran medieval Europe, and then adds this bit:

But of course, they were also detested for their arrogance and sophistry, their “old boy” clubbishness and exclusive networking.
They, as it were, spoke “Bologna,” and my speculative etymology is founded on this fact. 
 Today, the populist Trump is doing something remarkable. He is making appointments not from the “Ivy League.” Candidates from Harvard, Yale, and Columbia — who overwhelmingly populate the Obama bureaucracy, as other administrations going back to FDR, if not Woodrow Wilson — have suddenly ceased to be the gene pool. This, to my mind, is a significant development; one I was not entirely expecting.
Trump has the nerve to look across the rest of America for talent and good sense. Somehow he noticed in his flyovers from Manhattan that there were people down there. We will see if the result is a disaster. 

hmmm... I never thought of it that way.

ut hopefully these business leaders are more aware of the danger of industrial espionage than those who went to Harvard.

StrategyPage has a lot of essays about hacking and the ongoing computer wars, The latestdiscussion is how the Army is offering rewards if a hacker finds holes in their security system: essentially using outside hackers to see if they can hack into the system instead of hiring their own.... i.e. crowdsourcing "white hat" hackers.

Unfortunately the attackers (spies, mercenary hackers or just very skilled and bored but talented hackers) have a lot more skills than the people the Department of Defense currently has playing defense. In effect there is a Cyber War and the Department of Defense finds itself outnumbered and outgunned. Desperate measures are required. -- Przemysław Juraszek
hmm.... if a lot of this sounds familiar, it's because that was the plot behind DieHard 4.0....

But I guess Harvard Graduates don't watch action film, or listen to C2C or other "fake news" sites.

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