Monday, December 05, 2016

Headlines below the fold

The huge Islamicist rally in Indonesia got a lot of press (against a Christian governor of Chinese ethnicity for "blasphemy").

how do these Islamicists define blasphemy?

Jakarta has been rocked in the past months by major protests against Purnama, who is accused of insulting Islam by criticising opponents who used Quranic references to attack him ahead of an election in February. 

AlJ now reports a huge rally against that rally.stressing unity and tolerance.


Trump talks to Taiwan, Japan activates their Marines. What's going on? FilAm Fernandez at PJM disusses.

The First Island Chain, for those unfamiliar with the term, refers to a network of peninsulas and archipelagos which mirror the China coast, and whose possession blocks Beijing from direct access to the broad Pacific. Japan considers denying the First Island chain to a foe as essential to her defense. For many years the same string of islanders served as America's strategic frontier in the West. Recently China has been challenging the US by a series of encroachments. Trump's actions may signal that he will start to push back.

and not mentioned: China's grab of the west Philippine sea also blocks the sea routes to Japan and Korea.

People think the ocean is big but the route has narrow points that could block all traffic.

and of course China used to own VietNam, and sometimes hints that they used to run the northern Philippines, so you can see why Duterte had no use for Obama's weak defense of our seacost.


who needs soap operas? The televized Senate hearing is due to have a the confrontation between the lovely lady's driver/gigalo/alleged drug loot collector and Espinosa, the son of the drug lord who was killed in jail resisting police to stop him from spilling the beans.

in the meanwhile, a Chinese gambling tycoon who was ordered arrested managed to flee to HongKong.
Bribes to officials to look the other way, hiring illegal immigrants to run the gambling franchise, and not paying taxes.

This was not Manila, but in Pampanga's Clark zone. i.e. in the province that is the home of another lovely lady whose bank account balooned while running the government.

No links of course, and if you mention any links you will be pulled into court like poor Bishop Cruz for "libel" against her husband.
again, to understand what is going on here, you need to recognize the family links and the friendship links, *which I don't)  and the fact that the provinces are run by clans.

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