Tuesday, December 13, 2016

history stories below the fold

Before the evil white man, Native Americans lived in peace and harmony.

New evidence suggests that the site — now part of Montezuma Castle National Monument — was not simply evacuated by its inhabitants, as archaeologists have believed for more than 80 years. Instead, recent research shows that its final days were likely fraught with violent conflict and death — an account corroborated by Native American oral histories of the site’s collapse some 600 years ago.
that was before Colombus;

between the years 1375 and 1395.

the oral histories of both the Apache and the Hopi tell the story, but hey, why believe the survivors when the story goes against the meme of a peaceful paradise? It also confirms the Apache were there at the time, which also goes against the set story that they moved in later.

Now, if we only can figure out why Cahokia disappeared about the same time.

Global warming, anyone?

another meme that is being chipped away is the idea that Amerindians moved in via an ice free corrider.

An alternative theory that they moved down the coast at the end of the last ice ageh is now being explored. The problem? Global warming when the ice age melted means that their villages etc might be under water.

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