Friday, December 23, 2016

Medical Sexism

The PC gender feminists keep trying to insist men and women are interchangable and that gender is just a social construct.

And I keep saying: uh, biology?

So the LATimes has two articles today that go against the meme.

Pregnancy brain is real

At some point in the course of pregnancy, a woman is likely to suspect that the baby she is incubating has somehow hijacked her brain. New research suggests that, in some sense, she’s right, and that pregnancy itself is altering her brain like no other experience she’s had since adolescence.
I'm not surprised: my children were adopted, but the hormones I took for infertility treatment did alter my mood and behavior and emotions. Indeed, a dirty little secret no one wants to discuss is that the newer "high progesterone" shots, implants and BC pills make you nasty, dry, and hate sex (think constant PMS)

and if you wonder about the lack of good scientific studies, it might be because it is hard to measure subjective symptoms, and then the "placebo" folks will have symptoms from their own cycles or menopause.


this study saw no difference, but it is a very small number involved and the dosage (i.e. for menopause) is lower than in the pill etc.

On the other hand, the pills with testosterone side effects (to shrink my benign tumors) made me fat, hairy and h-----y. So take your pick.


and if you want to save 32,000 lives a year, have senior citizens cared for by women doctors.

hmm... is this because we women are socialized or biologically ingrained into nurturing, and listening to our patients, or is it because we are less prone to think: as pragmatic men: They are old let'em die, why waste our time.

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