Monday, December 05, 2016

New Speak and tyranny of xe

A long discussion of the way the gender deconstrutionists not only ignore biology but are behind the war on free speech.

a small excerpt of a long nuanced paper. The law he refers to is in Canada, where hate speech is persecuted by independent bodies who have loose definitions on what is hate and what they can censor.

I think the law makes discussions of biology and gender illegal. I think we got a taste of that in the TVO Agenda interview I had where [U of T transgender studies professor] Nicholas Mack said ‘well, the scientific consensus in the last four decades is that there’s no biological difference between men and women’. It’s an absurd proposition. There are sex differences at every level of analysis.
he then mentions the scientific evidence that negates the PC idea:
There are masculinity/femininity scales that have been derived; they’re basically secondary derivations of personality descriptors. There are huge personality differences between men and women. There’s literature looking at differences of men and women in personality in many, many societies throughout the world. I think the biggest paper examined 55 different societies. And they rank societies by sociological and political equality. The hypothesis was that if you equalize the environment between men and women, you eradicate the differences between them. In other words, if you treat boys and girls the same, the differences between them will disappear. But that’s not what the studies showed. In reality, they get bigger. Those are studies of tens of thousands of people. The social constructionist theory was tested. It failed. Gender identity is very much biologically determined.

how bad is the theory? Well, even the Pope has said these ideas are dangerous because they ignore biological reality and destroy the family, which is the basis for society. And maybe if he stopped his war on marriage rules and war on people who use airconditioners he might even get around to writing an encyclical on this.

there is a lot more there about the tyranny of SJW weaponizing compassion eto destroy western civlization and it's institutions,

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