Monday, December 05, 2016

Podcast of the week

Ottoman history podcast covers a different point of view, not just in history but in the interaction of culture and empires.

For example, today's podcast is about the Pasteur Institute

In this episode, we sit down with doctor, philosopher, and historian Anne Marie Moulin to talk about the history of the Pastorians and the early establishment of Pasteur Institutes in the Ottoman Empire and North Africa. We explore the role of the Ottoman Empire in the creation of the Pasteur Institutes and their global network, and we consider the relationship between medicine and religion, politics, and colonialism in North Africa and the Middle East.

usually the analysis of the Middle East and Islam is based on the "colonialism of the west is evil" type stuff. Fair enough.

Ah but Turks ran the place for hundreds of years so maybe you need to check the backstory.

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