Thursday, December 08, 2016

Podcast of the week

I usually check out talks given in libraries to find out what books are being read, such as the ones at the Library of Congress, Kansas City Library,, EWTN Booknotes on religious books, or CSPAN's Book TV....Or the podcast from the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Usually the books discussed are books about PC subjects, and the fiction books tend to be "MEGO" types, such as one that is described as "marrying controversial topics with nuanced characters".... I take a pass.

. Nah, I am not sensitive. Seen too many real tragedies to feel angst over such things,  and as for PC subjects like "vegetarian cooking", well, for me most of the "vegetarians" I have treated were poor, so it means figuring out how to add protein to the diet to keep their children from dying of kwashiorkor.... But they do have non fiction authors, like this recent talk by Malcolm Gladwell .

But this week, the FLoP has a podcast with Janet Evanovich. Stephanie Plum is up to number 23?! (My last hardcopy is 16... the used book kiosk shut down at that point, but some of her older ones can be found on Scribd). Heh. An author who I actually have read.

It's early morning so I havent' listened to it, but she is usually funny, so enjoy.

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