Friday, December 16, 2016

Remembering Walt

Write Brian Sibley writes it is the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney's death, and relates how his life was changed by Disney's work.

. During the fifty years since that day, I have continued to study and, occasionally, write about the life and work of Walt Disney and, in the process, had the privilege of meeting many of those who knew, loved and (occasionally) loathed the man. Now, once again, I am working on a book about Disney and am realising that I am passing on a torch to those who will come after who will not have the familiarity of having lived when Disney was still known throughout the world as a flesh-and-blood person as opposed to just a corporate name represented by a copyrighted signature.

Disney's genius was not just in his creativity but that he could use the talents and creativity of others to assemble a product, in this case, a film, a tv show, and his themepark.

This is from the film "Saving Mr Banks".

The emotional weight of the scene featuring the song "Feed the Birds" is based on the fact that it was Walt Disney's personal favorite song. According to the real Sherman Brothers, Walt would call them into his office to play the song when he felt depressed. It got to the point that he would call them in and simply say, "Play it," and they'd know what he wanted. According to Richard M. Sherman, Walt felt that the song was a perfect summation of why he created Walt Disney Pictures in the first place.

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