Friday, January 27, 2017

China's long term plans?

AustinBay has an article about the west Philippine sea island grab.

China thinks in the long term.

but while the US press was hyperventillating that Trump might insist that laws passed about immigration must be enforced and not ignored by government officials, we had this headline that was ignored: China put missiles on Russia's borders.

StrategyPage discusses that here (scroll down).

More astute Russians observed that China could not win a nuclear exchange with the U.S. but could against Russia. And China would not want to nuke the Far East, they want to take control and fill the place with Chinese. Those DF-41s are well placed to blast Russian nukes and ICBMs far to the west. For many Russians China is seen as the only real threat to Russia and any Chinese move out there is nervously discussed in the Russian media (to calm people down) and privately (to discuss what is really happening on the Pacific coast). China has ancient claims on much of the Russian Far East and is openly replacing Russia as the primary economic, military and political force in Central Asia.

I've written before on China's moving into the silk road and the maritime silk road. The latter means that their artificial islands could bar shipping and economically affect Japan, Korea, and even India.

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