Monday, January 09, 2017

Factoid of the day

From StrategyPage. The article is mainly about Colombia's end game against terror groups, including finding a weapons catch in my son's province, but it includes a section on Venezuela, beloved of American leftists.

Note this factoid:

December 24, 2016: In Venezuela data leaked documenting that 4,300 Venezuelans were killed “resisting the government” during the first nine months of 2016. Another 15,000 people were arrested during these operations, several hundred of them essentially kidnapped on orders of the president. This violence is nothing new and it was known to be getting much worse over the last few years despite government efforts to prevent that via its largely state controlled media.
so Duterte's cops kill 3000 in drug raids, and headlines and propaganda. (a lot of the other murders are private payback or by drug gangs). So the US press posts bias news taking his jokes out of context to slime him and pushing the chosen opposition leader.

Venezuela's socialist government kills more and it's ho hum what else is new.

And note that SP discusses the Venezuela/Iran/Hezbollah axis.

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