Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Family News

The water is out. Or rather, the city turned off our water, because the meter wasn't there any more so we had stopped paying the bill.

I hadn't noticed.

Lolo had a deep well pump put in, but the ground water level is falling and the new building has the water tower on the roof (4th floor) and the pump is too wimpy to pump there, so we had a booster pump put on the city water which is now safe to use instead.

So 4pm no water, and so we had to turn on the old pump and fill buckets of water. At least we have water.

Money here is for beautiful new construction (don't ask) not repairs. Did I tell you the roof is leaking again? Luckily, dry season/summer is coming.


Tomorrow, Ruby and Joy will go to Manila, and Joy will arrange to renew my permanent visa (like the US green card, it is permanent but needs updating every year). I don't know if I will go with them: Traffic is terrible, and the trip often takes 4 or more hours each way.

I am getting agoraphobic/lazy in my old age.

update: NOON: The handiman replaced the head on the pump and it is now pumping more efficiently into the water tower, so we again have running water.

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