Saturday, January 21, 2017

Family news

We have guests (the sister of Joy's cousin, the sister of their pastor's wife and family visiting from the states).

They arrived last night after 10, and are staying in the apartment/guest rooms. We hope the dogs don't bite them, although we did try to keep the dogs on our side of the house.

Ruby and her father were staying up to cheer on Trumpie boy anyway, but of course I'm the one next to the door so answered the doorbell.

It has been cool, so I hope they didn't need blankets.

Since I was up, I checked on the inauguration coverage. Without sound, since the commentary was inane. We now have BBC, so I checked with them, and saw the same snippet of "protesters" three times during one hour of watching: They were the anarchists in black, about 100 young folks, running around, and then a reporter got a camera and so one obligingly went to a window and tried to smash it. I saw that snippet three times. No other protesters, I guess, despite their teenie-booper reporter on the mall who found one Alabama couple and interviewed these strange creatures (twice) about how they disagreed with each other on politics. Sigh.

CNN mainly showed the march of the zombies politicians, but as I said, I kept off the sound most of the time.

I gave up at midnight, so didn't see the inauguration. The world hasn't yet exploded, but give it time.

update; They are all leaving to visit Bataan. I was invited but declined. I am getting too lazy to travel in my old age.

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