Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Family news

Ruby had her interview for an overseas scholarship type program. The problem: except for Canada, it is a partial scholarship, and all the students want the Canadian placement. So if she gets a partial scholarship she'll have to stay here. Her father won't support her, and I can't afford it.

So today she is again in Manila interviewing with a local senior high school.

I should point out that she is graduating tenth grade, and usually would be  attending college, but two years ago they changed schools to a 12 year program, so a lot of schools don't have the last two years.

So I am again alone. A farm worker relation of Joy sleeps here for safety, as do the dogs. George the cat killing Labrador is the only dangerous dog, but the smaller ones are noisy and can be aggressive too.

the local LDS church is around the corner, and I often run into the young folks working there. The latest one stopped me on the street: young ladies this time, one from the Visayas and one from Australia.

The missionaries from all sorts of churches are sniping at the local catholics, and busy converting them: mainly the middle class who want to feel superior to the hoi polloi. Those left are the elite (either corrupt or believing in the religion of green/liberation theology) and the poor.

the Pope is popular because he backs the poor, but his pushing of the green religion and destroying morals are a worry. We finally will have the US off our backs trying to push the liberal sexual agenda on us by threatening they will stop all aid if we don't, thanks to Trumpie boy, but now the Pope is doing the same thing.

Oh well. May you live in interesting times. I stay because of the sacraments.... and attend the dawn mass with those who have to work. Contrary to other places, it is full of men of all ages, not just women, so that is a good sign.

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