Thursday, January 05, 2017

Family news

The cook's son just died. He has been ailing with severe diabetes and congestive heart failure, going in and out of the hospital not able to breathe. His prognosis was poor, but his doctor did prescribe the latest treatment which helped.

he was send home from the hospital last night after feeling ill, but was breathing okay ...but then died in his sleep. I suspect an arrythmia or infarction.

that is two sons she has lost this year.

She's here cooking (needs the money) although we told her to take off.

This weekend is the Three Kings Fiesta, the patron saint of our "cathedral", so a lot of places will shut down.

so we will have to check when is his funeral.

Ruby has an interview with her "college"; actually high school. High school used to end at 10th grade but now they have adopted a K through 12 system, so she needs to find a place for her last two years. She'll probably stop her home school and go to a Manila high school instead of a local one, so she can get networking with others in business. She is trying to get in one with "middle class business owners" instead of the ones that cater to the rich families.

Chano pulled his back out again, so stays in bed except for going to the farm to keep a check on the fields.

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