Friday, January 13, 2017

Forget P-gate: Here the big scandal is #LeniLeaks

first came reports that the previous US Ambassador Goldberg, who was thrown out of Bolivia for trying to overthrow that government, had written a memo on how to overthrow Duterte.

Now the twittersphere is full of #LeniLeaks hashtags.

from the Inquirer:

#LeniLeaks went viral on the internet after Vice President Leni Robredo’s critics on Facebook spread screenshots of supposed emails from Robredo’s known supporters calling for Duterte’s resignation and for his ouster.
Another viral post showed a purported email from the Office of the Vice President’s social media unit urging its trolls to launch a counteroffensive against Duterte, the Robredo’s critics, and defeated vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos.

in other news, not only has Duterte tried to mend fences with China, but he allowed the Russians to visit.Why? Because Obama wouldn't supply him weapons to fight our terrorists

In October, Duterte told US President Barack Obama to "go to hell" and said the United States had refused to sell some weapons to his country but he did not care because Russia and China were willing suppliers. He is due to go to Moscow in April. The visit by the Russian warships was the first official navy-to-navy contact between the two countries.

So under Obama, China was allowed to dig up coral and make artificial islands off our coast by pressuring the Philippines not to respond.

They then tried to put in their candidate, who lost after Duterte entered the race the last minute, and then the US refused him weapons, using "human rights" as an excuse, never mind that fewer have been killed here than in the Mexican drug wars.

Then came #LeniLeaks...

What is not big news in the US MSM however is that he also met with PM Abe of Japan, and  increasing ties with India who has already angered China by sending VietNam defense supplies.
so is the Philippines suddenly Anti American? Not really. But they are proud, and oppose anything that feels like colonialism.WSJ article.

But what really is important is personal ties.

Which is why my husband's family supported the independence movement and revered the revolutionaries who opposed the US takeover, but later fought on the US side to get rid of the Japanese invaders.

And is why MacArthur, who drank and partied, with locals and kept his promise to return, is so revered here.

The personal is political.

So will things change under the Trump administration?

Trump's son, not Trump pere, is in charge of building the huge luxorious Trump tower in Manila. To do that, it means knowing how the system works, and knowing those in charge (and probably knowing whose hands to grease the palms, but this is only a suspicion, not a fact).

In other words, Trump already has personal ties with the Philippine business community, and with the local government.

Since NPR reports that Duterte appointed one of those involved in building Trump Tower as the new Trade envoy to the US, one suspect the US/Philippine ties will improve when the Trump takes over:

"I'm impressed," says Benjamin Muego, who teaches comparative government at Manila's De La Salle University. He says some may try to argue there's a potential conflict of interest all the way around. But Muego only sees an up-side. "If you're looking for somebody to try to smooth over strained relations, then who better to serve as a conduit than someone who's known to both and enjoys their trust?" says Muego.

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