Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy year of the Rooster

It's Chinese new year. we don't celebrate it here in the provinces, but they do in Manila.

AlJ article has a lot of photos from around the world.

And it's the year of the Rooster: not just the rooster but the Fire Rooster, which is good for the stock market (at least in Hong Kong).

the WAPO has an article about one year of the rooster delicacy: Phoenix claws.

Aka chicken feet.

Yeah, the local street vendors  sell these
but they grill them and apply hot sauce while they were cooking.

And the history of chickens is being rewritten as DNA studies are investigating how chickens domestication spread from SEAsia...from the wild fowl there.

the fire rooster is not a sweet cuddly hen: Think fighting cock.

The Year of the Fire Rooster may be more akin to an American action-adventure film than a martial arts piece, however, with giant rooster balloons now appearing that may bear an uncanny resemblance to new US President Donald Trump.

and here is a short film about the chicken exhibition in Manila Zoo.

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