Friday, January 27, 2017

Pen in hand, Trump Trumps a lot of stuff

I disagree with a lot of what Trump is doing, but the reason he is able to do it is that Obama did a lot of stuff (that I disagreed with even more) by "executive order" or some such.

The US is not a dictator, and when the Supreme court and Presidential orders are allowed to bypass the messiness of democratic input and let the PC decide what should be our laws, then you have a problem. (the US is a Republic, where checks and balances let all sides have a say into things. A democracy is winner take all, and so shut up. A dictatorship is where the guy in charge says shut up, and is able to do it despite public opinion.)

I ran cross this AFP article in our Manila Bulletin: British Think tank downgrades US to "flawed democracy". I presumed it was because of Trump, but it wasn't: it was about the public becoming distanced from the government: a problem that predates Trumpie boy and actually was the cause of his election.

The ninth annual index report said Trump’s election in November and Britain’s vote to leave the EU in June were expressions of deep dissatisfaction with the status quo.

 So now Trump Inc. has pen in hand and voila: One million hysterical tweets/facebook posts/blog comments.

Dilbert laughs and say: Yes, and that is why he will be seen as sucessful.

You’re probably seeing the best persuasion you will ever see from a new president. Instead of dribbling out one headline at a time, so the vultures and critics can focus their fire, Trump has flooded the playing field. You don’t know where to aim your outrage. He’s creating so many opportunities for disagreement that it’s mentally exhausting. Literally. He’s wearing down the critics, replacing their specific complaints with entire encyclopedias of complaints.
And when Trump has created a hundred reasons to complain, do you know what impression will be left with the public?
He sure got a lot done.

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