Saturday, January 14, 2017

Podcast of the week

A lot of libraries have author talks as podcasts,  and I usually ignore them if they are yuppies-in-angst type books.

But recent books have shed the light on women geeks who often are overlooked in history, but now are getting their history written.

so the story of the Rise of the Rocket Girls are now being told.

NPR link.

but they aren't the only invisible lady geeks behind the scenes

FLoP podcast discusses the black lady mathematicians behind the space program.

this CSPAN video discusses the first "female" astronaut.

having become a doc before "modern feminism" kicked in, I can identify with women behind the scenes, and also with women who had to put up with stuff from the men's club, but most of us managed because we liked men, and knew they were just little boys acting out.

Lady geeks include Caroline Herschel, Ada Lovelace and of course Grace Hopper, the programer who invented the term "computer bug" (after she found an insect causing problems in the old fashioned computer she was working with).

And a non geek story is a FLoP podcast about gymnast Simone Biles.

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