Thursday, January 05, 2017

Stories below the fold

A new study shows the plain below Chaco Canyon wouldn't grow enough food for that city. Did they import it from 50 miles away?

my question is not yet answered: And what did they trade for the maize etc?


The latest fad for single cat ladies: Marrying yourself.

the discussion suggests a rebellion against  the idea that all women should marry.

the stigma for single women remains. “It’s left over from centuries of one kind of marriage pattern and one path for women,” Traister says. She recalls reading books as a girl in which the story always ended when the heroine got married, as if that were the ultimate goal. “
ah ha. I see where I went wrong: I read Heinlein, not romances. I preferred PeeWee and Mother Thing to "Tammy  falls in love" and it's ilk.

and of course, being Catholic, I had a third option: A nunnery. No, I didn't join one but mainly because they couldn't guarantee they'd send me to medical school, so I went to medical school and became a lay missionary. Adventures enough for any lifetime, but then I love God but am not churchy pious... like most American Catholics, I figure deeds are more important than saying Lord Lord...


Dilbert argues that Trump is the great persuader, so should be able to sell people into thinking they are prosperous and voila, they become prosperous.

That’s what his negotiations with Carrier and Ford and Boeing are all about. It is the start of rebranding America as a new and better version of itself, and one in which Americans take care of their own before taking care of the rest of the world. And apparently that brand and the optimism that comes with it is working. The stock market is up since the election, creating billions in new wealth from nothing but persuasion.

The art of the deal audiobook is on line, but here is a summary:

No, I haven't read it (I am a doctor, and no good at business). I know we need enough socialism that the poor have enough to eat, and would be able to get free medical care (even the VA or IHS is better than nothing). But unlike SJW I live with those who run a business and spread prosperity, and the dirty little secret is that  socialism that is unfriendly to business goes bankrupt.... John Galts are out there to make you prosperous, and will withdraw if you chain them. The trick is to limit them but not too much.

And being in the Philippines, lucky for me I didn't have to watch him or the shennaingans on TV.


First Things discusses Endo's book Silence and the up coming movie.

The book will make the heads of the pious explode, It is about the silence of God in suffering, and many other questions that 20th century Americans rarely have to face.

 but it actually is about inculturation: how we approach God is in our culture.

Intellectual Americans see Jesus meek and mild (a wimp); Apaches see him as the chief who makes sure the widows and children are cared for, and who will die defending them from their enemies. The Africans see him as telling them that God is not distant (leaving them in danger from evil spirits) but came to earth to tell them he cares. And Filipinos? God is Father, caring for them, Jesus is Kuya, older brother, and Mama Mary is the one who you go to get something from Father.

Ironically, whereas Filipino Catholics tend to be more like Italian Catholics in the USA, where rules are not important but doing the right thing for those in your family is important;  here the Protestants become mini Americans in culture and follow the ten commandments.

in summary: If you run a business in the Philippines, hire Protestants If you want to hold a party, or you need someone to nurse you or care for your children as a nanny, choose a Catholics

The Russians are Coming! the Russians are coming!

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Russia is eyeing naval exercises with the Philippines and deployed two navy ships for a goodwill visit to Manila on Tuesday as Moscow moves to expand defense ties with a Filipino president known for being hostile to the U.S.

it's about China's maritime silk road. 

and that map doesn't include the obvious: That China's artificial islands now block the deep sea routes in the West Philippine sea:

and not only did President Obama drag his feet while China built artificial islands and militarized them, he turned Duterte against the US by planning to overthrow him.


Way to go, Barry...


AnnAlthouse asks: What are Rockettes doing at the Inauguration?

Well, it could be worse:

What about Taiwan's funeral pole dancers?

It's a the modern version of having singers and dancers in the funeral procession.


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