Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Space&Astronmy: on disappearing galaxies.

“You can think of it like a giant cosmic broom that comes through and physically sweeps the gas from the galaxies.” Mr Brown said removing the gas from galaxies leaves them unable to form new stars. “It dictates the life of the galaxy because the existing stars will cool off and grow old,” he said. “If you remove the fuel for star formation then you effectively kill the galaxy and turn it into a dead object.”

It's Megamaid!

StrategyPage has a long summary on who is winning in Syria.

For later reading.


UKTelegraph reports China has shut down 50 businesses for using dangerous chemicals in their food.
and not just any food: the food was counterfeit, i.e. packaged to look identical to known brands.

A"production hub" which churned out counterfeit seasoning designed to look like well known brands such as Nestle and Knorr is being investigated in China, in what appears to be the latest food scandal to spark anger in the country.

Tip of the iceburg. and it's not just China: Counterfeit and fake medicines and low quality medicines from China and India  literally kill millions.

One of the Clinton foundation scandals was when Bill got accolades for saving money by substituting HIV medicine from a cheaper source in India that was being investigated for this.


The "third" China (i.e. Singapore) had some military hardware confiscated by China when the ship carrying the equipment docked in HongKong.

and they are so mad that their netcitizens are writing satirical songs about it.

the backstory is that Singapore had used the equipment during a training session with Taiwan, the "second China" in Asia, and China is angry.


The latest fad is "decluttering" your life.

The UKTelegraph has an essay that disagrees.

But she is a collector. In contrast, I am a "clutterer". There is a difference.

via TeaAtTrianon.

of course, who has desks anymore? I have an easy chair and a laptop.


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