Friday, January 20, 2017

Stories below the fold

StrategyPage summary on what is going on here in the Philippines:

read the whole thing which explains why Duterte is still popular. (less crime).


Father Z reviews the Young Pope, and hasn't decided if he likes it or not.

no, it hasn't been shown here yet.


MedievalNet says a lot of Post Apocolyptic stuff is actually a return to the Middle Ages.

She only uses two or three SciFi for examples, however.


Someone is phoning in bomb threats to Jewish community centers in the USA.

They suspect white supremicist of course.


And the really, really important research article of the week:

from Improbable research:

Is your dog watching TV? they summarize several studies on the subject, but the answer is:

“The dogs in this study chose to not watch TV over any TV content; even Coronation Street failed to hold their attention which rather suggests that TV watching, for dogs, maybe much less fun than wandering around, eating, taking a drink, sleeping and playing with toys.” [our hyperlink]

See: A dog centred approach to the analysis of dogs’ interactions with media on TV screens – awaiting publication in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies.

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