Monday, January 09, 2017

Stranger things

Well, I am happy that the Golden Globes recognized the miniseries Stranger Things...

Winona Ryder gets a lot of the publicity for her (over) acting, but it's the kids who steal the show.

And the show made Eggos more popular too.

DenofGeek has reports on what might come next on season 2. 

eleven will be back but will she grow hair?


I haven't seen the newest Sherlock, but apparently they kill off Mary. (she dies in the book so this is no surprise).

Sounds like a downer, which is unfortunate because what I liked in the series was their "LOL" moments of fun and/or satire.

asking the question no one seems to be asking; so will they bring back Irene Adler?


I just finished watching the miniseries Victoria. Good for Jane Austin fans.

our shows tend to be a few years behind: I just spotted the last season of Downton Abby on one of our lifestyle type channels.

It's easier to stream or download from the net.

Right now, Ruby and friends are into Korean soap operas. I showed her how to dowload them to her cellphone so now she can watch it on the bus traveling to Manila. But we tried to get them transferred to her friend's cellphone last night but for some reason it wouldn't transfer. Oh well. Something about the memory card won't read correctly. I have a tablet but not a cellphone so am no help.

 Do they play in the USA? They are great, and usually G or PG rated.

 The ones she is watching are about teenaged angst with school romance and competition themes.

I prefer the costume/ historical dramas myself, but haven't watched them lately since the Korean station disappeared from our cable network.


Speaking of grandchildren: Ruby's church youth group met in our Gazebo yesterday, and we kept our maid here to help with the cooking and cleanup.

Our cook looks terrible: they are waiting to bury her oldest, and having a wake in the home. She lost her college educated youngest son last year also. I wonder if she will soon retire? She is 70... So her daughter, who is a part time maid is filling in for her mom.

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