Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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StrategyPage podcast on 2017. Also an older one on China. also here.

they also have an update on Mexico's problems with crime and corruption, and the recent riots there.

it's not just Mexico: there are major scandals in South America about corruption: Argentina and Brazil.

but AlJ reports the Panama papers found a Pakistan connection too..you bribe through the relatives, in this case the daughter.

families are part of the corruption link: You have to know who is related to whom to figure out how the money is stolen.

and it's an open secret that Clinton supporter Amal Clooney got Gloria out of jail.
Gloria was Bill Clinton's classmate...

poor Gloria...Innocent politician who was persecuted by her political enemies.

Arroyo is detained over alleged plunder for using P366 million in Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office intelligence funds for personal gain from 2008 to 2010.
Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/729034/un-body-gloria-macapagal-arroyo-detention-arbitrary-illegal#ixzz4Wdex7gnU 

and that doesn't include the "hello Garci" scandal or the Broadband scandal... how did she do it? a lot of the corruption was via her husband, but never proven of course...

see, husbands do come in handy to hide open bribery


how to make friends and influence people post of the day:

the very partisan Gateway Pundit links to a report on how the families of Medal Of Honor winners were assaulted by SJW in Washington DC when they attended a dinner/ball there honoring their loved ones.

this is the third annual inaugural ball for service members, so it isn't exactly partisan...


the fight for the family in the Catholic church is a bigger fight than what you will read about in the MSM.

this article notes that the assault on marriage by today's society and the present Pope has deep theological and sociological implications; but the article also reminds people that  the Virgin Mary is on the side of her son, against divorce...

and to understand what he is talking about, you need to know the Catholic folklore about Fatima: 2017 is the 100th anniversary of a famous "vision" of the Virgin, who predicted World War II and the rise and fall of Communism, and the assassination of a pope...but there was more than that:

Though it is disheartening, the battle in the Church over the sanctity of holy matrimony has reached the highest levels, just as our Lady said. Cardinal is pitted against cardinal, bishop against bishop. In the wider culture, marriage has been redefined; biblical and natural law teachings have been set aside.
At this point I don’t think that our culture has a definition of marriage at all; it’s whatever anyone wants to say it is. This is no minor error; it is a civilization killer.
Something tells me that this year of 2017 is going to be critical and that we had better pray — a lot more than we have in the past. Repentance is also crucial. Being sleepy in the battle cannot be an option. We are at a turning point. Perhaps the hundred years of trial are ending; they might end well or they might come to a dreadful conclusion. That is why we must pray.
of course, Pope Francis will be aghast: How dare these rigid fundies oppose me!
Or maybe he might paraphrase Stalin's quip: How many divisions does the Pope Cardinal Burke and the "dubia" bishops have?

This is like Hillary dismissing the "Deplorables"... and we all know how that turned out.

one is reminded of a quip about a football game between Notre Dame and another secular university. After the secular coach noticed them praying, he reminded the Notre Dame coach that "God has no favorites" in the game; the Notre Dame coach agreed, but reminded him: "Ah, but his Mother does"...


some good news: Peace talks about Syria just might work, says AlJ...

Russia, Turkey and Iran are behind the talks.

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