Friday, January 06, 2017

Tolkien notes

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Mythmoot IV information

the struggle long predates the sad puppies/gamergate kerfuffle and was one reason George Lucas and Harry Potter were successful...

related item: Tolkien's prayer

usually the BBC plays and programs are there only for a few days, so I don't bother to link to them.

But some of the BBC versions of various books are now being posted on Youtube (at least until the copyright cops find them).

here is one of Tolkien's lesser known books for your listening pleasure:

written in the 1940's when he was busy with family, his university teaching, war related work (gardens, chickens and air raid warden) and trying to figure out where LOTR would be going.... the niggling at the small details is one reason tha tthe book is so enjoyable but also why it took so many years to finish...

This short story was written after he retired:

Like Leaf By Niggle, is it semi autobiographical, about a man immersed in faerie...

and on a lighter note: The farmer vs the Dragon, sort of..

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