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Cynical? Moi?

I'd be less cynical about the concern for deporting illegal immigrants if I hadn't read a sermon by one bishop condemning Obama deporting million people during his term in office, (Sept 2 2015)

Chaput also called on Obama to end a pattern of deportations, citing reports that his administration has kicked out more than two million undocumented immigrants by 2013 since taking office. "This brutally affects immigrant families — especially those with children who are U.S. citizens," Chaput said.
and ABC mentions by 2016 the number was 3 million

I would also be less cynical if I wasn't receiving emails from the Democrats abroad hadn't told me they were planning these protests before Trumpie boy even got in From a Jan 16 email:

We must not succumb to fear; we must not despair; we must organize. As President Obama said in his magnificent farewell address (and if you didn’t see it, you can view it here):  change only happens when ordinary citizens get involved and make it happen.  We must fight back against the Trump agenda AND we must put forward an agenda that “works” for all Americans.   That doesn’t mean pandering to the worst among us – but appealing to our best aspirations.    
they then go on to list all the stuff we are supposed to do, including join protests. And then I got this:

 Together with hundreds of members and alumni of Democrats Abroad, I will join the Women's March on Washington on Saturday. Around the globe, kudos to the many of you taking part in sister marches and vigils to demonstrate our commitment to the ideals of freedom, equality and opportunity for all… and to say Thank You to President Obama and his family for their leadership, grace, dignity, and commitment to advancing human rights. 
The irony in all of this is that our caucus voted for Bernie, not Hillary.

And the "open borders" stories ignore the abuse in Mexico by the "coyotes", often associated with the drug cartels, who are abusing and exploiting them. Several of the priests killed there were killed for helping these migrants.

Back when the Haitians started migrating via boats to find a better place than the hellhole where they lived, there were many who were drowning. So Bill Clinton devised a policy saying they'd all be sent back. From the NYTimes, 1993:

Mr. Clinton had promised to give Haitians refuge and make it easier for them to apply for political asylum until democracy is restored in their country. At one point in the campaign he said, "If I were President, I would -- in the absence of clear and compelling evidence that they weren't political refugees -- give them temporary asylum until we restored the elected Government of Haiti."
That promise prompted Haitians to build nearly 1,000 boats that could accommodate as many as 150,000 people, many of whom are poised to set sail in stormy seas in the hopes of arriving on American shores at the moment of Mr. Clinton's inauguration Wednesday.
Intercepting Refugees But in a bluntly worded taped radio message broadcast this morning directly to Haiti and Haitian communities in the United States, Mr. Clinton said that Haitians who fled by boat would be intercepted and returned to the island.
He also emphasized that he would enforce current United States immigration policy, which prevents Haitians escaping poverty -- but not those fleeing political persecution -- from seeking asylum in the United States.
So excuse my cynicism when the press reports and outrage and foaming at the mouth are in the headlines.

How many are there protesting?.. the only number I came across is 3000 at LAX in California. Uh, 3000 is not a lot of protesters in a city of 10 million. But being professional protesters, they will get headlines. But I do wonder: How many inconvenienced travelers will they convince, or will they just turn off ordinary folks by stopping taxi service etc?

and are they ordinary folks protesting their relatives not coming, or are they professional protesters?

why do I feel this is astroturfed?

NYTimes from Jan 20 2016 (last year) complained the US resettled less than 200 refugees.

Article from the Atlantic (Nov 2015) insists there should be no problem because hey, the US managed to settle the Vietnamese without problem and even Mariel boat lift refugees without any problem with terror (uh, no but a lot of criminals got in then, causing a crime wave, but never mind).

and hey, Canada will do it, so why can't the US. From Nov 2015 National Post:

How Canada will choose 25,000 Syrian refugees among the four million in the Middle East
The dirty little secret is that a lot of the "refugees" streaming into Merkels' EU are economic refugees, and mainly young men. There is no opportunity, so they are looking for work. If China opened it's border to let in anyone who wanted to go there to work there would be a million Pinoys and Vietnamese there. Indeed, China already has a problem with illegal immigrants working there.

And for refugees: Why just Syria in the news? What about the millions of Afghans who lived for years in Iran and Pakistan (but have since gone home). Couldn't safe areas lead to this in Syria? What about the millions of refugees in the civil wars in the Congo? What about the Rohinge?

Heck what about South Africa, who reportedly has 5 million illegals living there?

who gets noticed is sort of a picky thing.

update: SP notes Mexico's reaction to Trumpie boy is to hire 50 million dollars worth of lawyers.

This is all about money and a lot more than $50 million. The Mexican central bank tracks how much money Mexicans abroad send home and in 2016 it was $25 billion, almost all of it from Mexicans in the United States and much of it from Mexicans in the United States illegally. That remittance cash accounts for more foreign exchange than Mexican oil exports.

that's like here, where our OFW only send back 26 billion dollars a year, according to GMA.. 

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