Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Family news

Ruby went to Manila to attend the prom at her base school. Here, high school used to end at grade 10.

Two years ago the government extended it to grade 12, meaning there is a push for schools to get resources for these two years.

Originally, my granddaughter planned to attend a business oriented high school in Manila,. But then her base school arranged for her to apply for an international high school...she has won a full scholarship.

most parents would be proud of such a daughter.

Ah, but her father is angry and is refusing to sign the papers, to punish her for not obeying his wishes, and using the lame excuse that it is not a "christian school".

Religious? No, a power play. He's done similar things before to hurt her and her mother,  and often changes his mind the last minute.

The real reason: His wife would not approve of his gay paramour moving in upstairs after my husband died.  True, the paramour has since departed when the money tree dried up, but this time there was not even a hint of repentance: Who am I to judge has been thrown in our face to show we are the evil ones here.

another reason he is hurting his daughter: I am petitioning the court to stop him from probating Lolo's will because I know he will cheat his sisters and daughter out of the inheritance my husband gave them. I suspect if I agree to let him probate the will he will quickly change his mind and become the loving father again.

So excuse me if I barf when I hear "who am I to judge".

I am a physician. It is a reality based profession, and I judge all the time.

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