Sunday, February 12, 2017

Is there nothing Trump won't bully?

President Obama played a lot of golf alone, but Trump plays it as a business strategy.

Quote from a article on Politico, about Trump playing golf with PM Abe:

It’s like he bullies the ball,” added John Paul Newport, a former Wall Street Journal golf reporter who wrote a column about losing a one-on-one match to Trump in 2010.
 And that about says it all.

According to the story, Trump pushes the rules  (aka "Cheats"), jokes with those he plays with (aka "bullies"), and knows the name of the groundskeeper.

and oh yes: Despite news articles lamenting poor Mrs Abe would be alone (snark snark against Mrs Trump), there is now a report that Melania is showing her the sights.

It's almost like Trump is playing the MSM, letting them dig a hole and then pushing them into it by showing their meme is fake.

I mean, the court case about immigration from states where there is terrorism was such a bad ruling that someone on the court is asking for a review; and Toobin's opinion it in the NewYorker here.

so is Trump waiting for the court to self correct? Is he waiting to see if his new supreme court justice tips the scales? Is he waiting for the next terrorist attack to shift public opinion in his favor?  or is he just going to rewrite the order?

yup. It's not chess, Mr Spock: it's poker.

It's going to be a long 8 years

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