Sunday, February 05, 2017

Laments of those who emigrate to work

lyrics HERE.

It’s good if the result is good, the fate of all who took chances Even if they are hesitant, if it is for the benefit of their loved ones, they will bet on the gamble All their assets will pawned Anyway it can be recovered, they say, when the processing of papers will be done So that they can board a plane or a ship wherever it will lead them as long as they can earn dollars that be exchanged with peso. One is equivalent to a handful of peso coins. Is that the value of life of Filipino? They will leave their family, and serve whoever. Will be starved, will be hurt and be put in peri, will come home inside the box without a single witness. Will the day come that this will be changed? If not so sure, start thinking about it.
The old leftie Archbishop Cruz has been vocal on the damage to families when there are not jobs near home where they can care for their families.

The previous administration has not done anything noteworthy to remedy such a sad and saddening phenomenon in the Country.  In fact, there were indications that it even wanted the pitiful situation as it was – promoting it even – in order to gain something from the workers through their dollar remittances to the Philippines.  Such was a disgusting national panorama whereas instead  of the government giving public service to the people, the millions of OFWs were the ones giving private service  to the government.  So it was that the government even looked for work abroad specifically for Filipinos to have foreign employments.  Hence, the wording and the reality of the partly-cited song above – a song that became popular because it brought out a distinct truth obtaining in the Country. 

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