Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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How much water is used to make a cup of tea?

“Somewhere around 30 litres of water is required for tea itself, 10 litres for a small dash of milk and a further 6 litres for each teaspoon of sugar. This means that a simple cup of tea with milk and two sugars could actually require 52 litres of water – enough to fill my kettle more than 30 times.”
See: How much water does it take to make a cup of tea?


Bighearted Canada complains that Trumpie boy wants to stop "refugees" who might be terrorists.

So they welcome everyone who claims they are discriminated against, right?

AlJ complains that Canada discriminates against Gypsy "refugees"...

Is Russia aiding the Taliban?


Malaria vaccine? nice headline but too early to tell if this means anything.


Does amyloid cause Alzheimers?

I always thought it was a marker that damage was there, not the cause.

Lots of similar studies get published that ignore markers are not causes. For example, gum disease and heart disease. Or eating (put favorite bad food into blank).

The latest is to say Eskimos are getting fat because they eat ramen noodles. Uh,, then why don't Japanese get fat? (maybe it's the snow mobiles).

Of course, the Japanese eating a traditional diet died from cancer of the stomach from smoked fish and high blood pressure from the soy sauce etc. Not to mention the weak probably died off during the hunger years of the war from minor infections or TB.

High fat diet and lack of exercize do lead to diabetes however: Pima Indian study shows that.


Archbishop Chaput has a new book

modernity vs Catholics  and the Catholics are losing.

Of course, the Pope is trying his best to make the church PC and bow down to modernity. Which is why Chaput isn't a Cardinal.


I probably should do like EclesIsSavedBlog: Give up the Pope for Lent.

he has a long list: talking points include

7. "Where shall I be without a regular 'INSULT FOR THE DAY' arriving in my mailbox?" wondered Eccles.
8. "Can I possibly survive without knowing which Catholic doctrines have been made ambiguous, or without hearing the latest off-the-cuff pronouncements when the Holy Father rideth in his chariot of the air, that which is known as Pope Force 1?"
9. "Will it not grieve me to know not the latest indignities that have been heaped upon Cardinal Burke, who is fast becoming a rival to Job as a man of suffering?"

up to this one:
14. Thus Eccles weighed up the matter in his heart, and decided that passing Lent in a Pope-free manner would be good for his soul and his blood pressure.


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