Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pro life? Duh

taking it to the Philippines: The Catholics held a small (20 thousand folks is small here in the Philippines) which was "for life": against abortion and against the drug war killings.
((half of which are rogue killings, payback killings, or done by drug lords killing those spilling the beans, )

The foreign press made it merely against Duterte, ignoring the anti abortion part.

but the group sponsoring it are prolife on many levels: They are also trying to get justice for the massacre of farmers by the previous administration.

nah, that didn't get publicity, any more than the numerous cases of corruption that slowly wend their way through the court system and then voila, are thrown out of court years later. I mean, a certain lovely expresident stole everything in sight, sat in house arrest for years, and then got free after Hillary's connections got the UN to intervene and then the courts let her go. Another not so lovely but popular ex president was removed from office and similarly held in custody for years, got a pardon, and now is holding a major office and clamping down on traffic cops who take small gifts to look the other way.

As Lolo used to say: They're all crooks.

Myself? I'd be happier if the bishops started preaching against corruption and naming names. The only one who did this was when that good leftie Archbishop Cruz named names when businesses "offered" their staff to work a big shot's husbands birthday party. He was then sued by the lovely women who insisted he called them whores (he did not) and ended up being fined a couple thousand pesos. Since then he only hinted at names.

The strong libel law here keeps the real story of corruption under wraps. It means the press has to find someone to quote (which of course might mean it is fake news, alas, and we outsiders can't judge). and of course, the high rate of reporters who were killed for spilling the beans is an open secret. Those numbers are down, but never mind.

So the bishops can spout on the PC stuff but not name names when it comes to corruption.

I mean, this march was partly sponsored by the "Knights of Columbus": the guys who formed an honor guard at the funeral of  our ex mayor, who ordered the hit on his rival that killed our nephew.

Of course, the Catholics under this pope are more interested in political correctness than in reality. Condemn extra judicial killings, fine, but clean up your own house first.

I am not the only Catholic who is annoyed at the self righteous bishops who bash Trumpie boy for deporting criminals but then waved a wand and expected us to forget how in the past they agreed with Milo and quite a few liberal icons
LINK LINK2 that it was okay for gay priests men to schtump post puberty teenagers because it was consensual... .. as in the priest who molested Milo or the ones who molested an underaged Mr Takai? Did either of these guys get arrested?

the priests finally got outed because hey the liberals hate Catholic more than they love Gays (except for Weakland, who despite paying off his ex lover for abuse and getting thrown out when this came to light was still was allowed to discuss the need for "church reform" in the NYTimes)

and here in the Philippines, if the bishops push too hard, Duterte probably has the goods on this to push back. link2

and yes, I am a Catholic, because of the local parish and sacraments.

But we tend to ignore or even condemn it when the pope or bishops push their political agenda on us while ignoring their own sins. beam/mote anyone?

Dante call your office.



so who was the priest who raped an underage Milo, and brainwashed him into thinking it was okay and that he was the aggressor in this case?

sociopaths who molest children groom them carefully, often persuade the victim they were the aggressor, so they should keep quite about what is going on. I've seen this type of manipulation against girls I saw for being sexually abused when I was a doc in the USA... 14 year olds with a 16 year old boyfriend? no problem. But then there were those who were molested by their fathers/ mom's boyfriend/ teacher... 

Here in the Philippines,one danger is when the staff are seduced by their employer, (using flattery and gifts, but if that doesn't work, using alcohol and then forcing sex on the drunken victim)...the wife blames the staff and fires them... usually this is the maids, but it also occurs with male staff. No, it's not "love" when the perpetrator does it over and over again....

ah but who would dare to take it to court?

Remember this the next time you hear about payback murders.

The vulnerable don't just include children, but also for underaged but physically mature teenagers, who lack the experience to know they are being seduced by a sociopath. Natasha in War and Peace is a benign example of this type of behavior; Lolita is a more open story of how the antagonist framed the story to make her the aggressor to justify his deeds.

The story in the lastest Milo vidoe now says that he was 17, but earlier versions admit he was only 14:

“It was perfectly consensual. When I was the 14, I was the predator,” Mr Yiannopoulos said, refusing to identity the clergy member during the September 2015 interview.
uh, this is called grooming.

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