Thursday, February 02, 2017

Stories behind the news

StrategyPage answers the question no one in the US seems to be asking: Why has support for terrorism suddenly gotten more quiet in Pakistan?

What caused this sudden change was the unexpected American threat to declare Pakistan a supporter of Islamic terrorism and restrict the movement of Pakistanis to and from the United States.

What made this threat so convincing is that the newly (since January 20 th ) installed U.S. government started keeping campaign promises and banned seven nations (Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen) that have long been the source of most Islamic terrorism. Many in South Asia believe Pakistan should be on the list.

the art of the deal....

and Russia is probing if Trumpie boy will be as weak as Obama was:

Austin Bay at SP discusses.

AlJ has a report (2015) that cynically says the EU gave in and pretended the Minsk agreement was real, not fake,  because...oil

Merkel and Hollande have signed off on the whole ugly affair because they are overwhelmed with the need to mend the EU’s finances and because they recognize that the future of Europe depends on friendly relations with Russia and its energy sources.

but a Russian news source says President Obama (11/2016) urged Putin to cooperate and hoped he would do so before he left office.

so now, AustinBay comments, the question is:

Trump has proved to be a master of perception. If he can smile at Putin -- and avoid direct confrontation -- while making certain Russian aggression exacts stiff economic and political penalties, he will demonstrate he can handle the art of diplomacy as well as art of the deal.

Obama's Iranian deal was never quite explained to me in the MSM but apparently it will only let them get a bomb easier....but  apparently they aren't obeying the agreement, and have not stopped working on their missiles, and just shot one up to see how Trump will react.

and their Yemeni backed rebels just attacked a Saudi ship for good measure (some think they thought it was a US ship, but never mind).

All I know about the Yemeni civil war is from the 4th of Sasoon's Princess sagas, about a Saudi family and their friends... usually Iran backs moderate terrrorists, but the guys there seem to make the Saudis and Taliban look moderate... especially when it comes to women's rights.


I wish they'd make their minds up. Now the claim is vegetable oil increases your chance of dementia. Also headaches, migraines, and fatigue.

me, I'm a doctor, and figure I have to die of something. And a lot of these population studies are flawed. Indeed, when the "butter is bad for you" study came out, docs also knew about the Irish brother studies, where the Irish brother who stayed on the farm and ate butter, cheese and milk lived longer than his Boston brother who ate "healthy" foods.

Too many factors mess up the result. But we are now seeing fat people in the rural Philippines.  Does this mean we have enough to eat? Or take too many Tricycles when we should walk? Or not working as hard thanks to handplows and threshers to harvest rice?

Or should I worry: My Austrian aunt visited her village in the mid 1930's, when Hitler was considered a joke, and mentioned that war was coming... the peasant ladies sensed this and were putting on weight so that they might live through the (war related) famine that was coming.


The big news in the UK is Brexit: 

favorite headline.

But Boyance's twins are the big news in the healines...And I had to laugh at this: don't call a man a pussy, at least in the UK;

 the Sun leads on a story about a judge who was less than impressed after a woman was "hauled" before him for leaving a feline-themed insult on a man's voicemail.

and in case you are busy having a hissy fit from too much Trump hatred (or maybe having a migraine from your vegetable oil margarine), the BBC has a little list on how to relieve stress and get happy:

including: pet your pussie.

"I am 79 years old and was always feeling lonely in the evenings - I told my daughter that I would like a kitten, so she searched a cat sanctuary and I chose a little black one and called him Barney. He was eight weeks old when I got him, and he has completely changed my life around because he wants attention all day. I cannot imagine my life now without him. I am disabled but manage to look after him very well, and he is a happy little boy of five months." - Joan Gutteridge

and if you need a cat, we have 8 outdoor cats who decided to live here and demand food every time they hear my voice, and MamaCat is expecting again.

sort of like Tribbles: If you feed them, they will come. Sigh.

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