Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stories below the fold: Milo spills the beans

Milo implodes: defending pederasts who like young teenagers who are post puberty, claiming that a relationship with a young post puberty teen is okay, and can even help the kid by giving him emotional support and a role model.

No: he does not defend pedophiles who hit kids before puberty. No, he dislikes child abusers and has even "outed" a few.

Yup. Only Milo could openly admit that this idea is popular among a lot of gay men who would never think of hurting a child but who see an immature mixed up 14 year old as mature enough to consent to a "relationships", and have no insight into the emotional harm they are causing.

the reason for "statutory rape" laws and "age of consent" laws is that ordinary people know young teenagers, especially in today's world when puberty can start at age 10, often have physical changes and sexual impulses, but they simply lack the emotional and intellectual maturity to make a wise decision in such things. And often this immaturity leads them to sexual exploitation, a distorted view of sexuality, and physical dangers.

but of course, it's not PC to admit that a lot (not all) gays like good looking young men, and that some of them think the age of consent should be lower than age 16 or 18....

On the other hand, I am old enough to remember we were taught that nonsense that Milo spouted about teenaged sex in our psychiatric rotation in medical school back in the 1960's. I thought it was nonsense then too, but who dared to oppose the professors.

What has changed is that the kids grew up and some of them, instead of turning their self hatred and anger inward and self treating themselves with drugs or alcohol or sometimes committing suicide, recognized they were the victim of a self serving sociopath. They turned the anger outward. And then some of them got lawyers.

This, not celibacy, is what was behind the "pedophile crisis" in the Catholic church, and behind the "Indigenous boarding school" abuse epidemic in Canada.

The charming and friendly guy often was forgiven over and over again by those who should have known better (psychiatrists, bishops, the local justice system, their wives, etc)....and then SNAP! they finally met someone who told them they weren't the only one, and that they were a victim, not a sinner...

And Voila: Lawsuits.

Catholic author Michael O'Brien has testified about the culture of abuse in these boarding schools, and how the church later welcomed his repentant attempted abuser with open arms.

Although he escaped sexual abuse, O’Brien has testified to the years of and cruelty, including psychological and physical violence, he and other students endured at the residential school under the supervision of Martin Houston. The supervisor was convicted of multiple accounts of sexual abuse, but released early from prison and later ordained as a Catholic priest for the Archdiocese of St. Boniface in Manitoba.
what a lot of abusers have in common is the lack of insight of the harm they are doing.... be it the senior in high school who seduces the freshmen girls, the older guy who wines and dines the immature teenagers of either sex, or the employer who has sex with a young  employee but doesn't recognize the threat of a job loss might mean consent is not genuine.

 CDC report shows 8%, of boys and 3% of girls have "had sexual intercourse" below age 13...

and a lot of them end up addicted to drugs and alcohol etc. because of the emotional trauma.

addendum: The argument could be made a lot of abuse victims do indeed get over it.

Yes, but the problem is that just because people can manage to survive anything, from famine to war to abuse to genocide, and pick up the thread of their lives is not a very good argument for justifying famine, war, abuse or genocide...

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