Thursday, February 02, 2017

Why Does Trump have two different Chinese names

Discussion at Weibo

a long discussion on how Chinese names are changed around when used in English, and how Chinese translate European names.

Blame the Brits:

While all Chinese media are actually correct in their transliteration of the name Trump, they stick to different ways of pronunciation. The ‘Tèlǎngpǔ’ 特朗普 translation stays closer to the British pronunciation of his name, while Chuānpǔ 川普 follows the American way of saying this name. 
already a few anti Trump sites on the "social media" are using other tranliterations of his name to riducule him, but what else is new?

The social media all over the world is a way to feel you are "hip" and part of a movement of righteous people against hitler or whoever.

and how dare you question the meme....

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