Thursday, March 09, 2017

Family news

Ruby is busy studying for her final exams for 10th grade. Schools recently have extended the basic schooling from grade ten to grade 12, so she has two more years of high school.

Since her father refused to let her accept a scholarship to an international school i Canada, it meas she will probably go to school in Manila (she home schools now) for the last two years. We aren't sure if her father will agree to let her do this either, but I said I'd pay the school fees etc and unlike foreign schools which require both parents approval, we hope she will be able to attend.

Joy is busy with her organic rice business and with meetings with gov't organic agribusiness stuff....

Kuya is busy with the harvest at the family's rice fields.

The pump has been overworking for a week, which either means someone left the tap on, a pipe is broken, or else the water level has gone down in the dry season and it's sucking air. I complained for a week and was ignored, but now the pump overheated and blew the fuse, so we are again on city water until we can have it checked.

Two kittens are in the side room and two of the feral outdoor cats are pregnant. We don't have any indoor cats since mamacat and blackie died.

The small dog's puppies have opened their eyes: When they start wandering they too will be moved to areas easier to clean, and then given away...

Myself: Lolo's birthday is today. I took a lot of flowers to his grave yesterday and cleaned up the place.

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